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Mexican Style Oysters

Binchotan Grilled Oyster, Jalapeno, Garlic Butter, Pork Crackling

Half dozen $18 | A dozen $30

Coclail paiiing +$11*


Nikkei-Inspired Grilled Assam Halibut Risotto (160g)

Binchotan Grilled Halibut, Assam Marination, Short Grain Bomba Rice, Aji Amarillo


Coclail paiiing +$11*

Laksa Scampi

Binchotan Grilled Scampi, Pineapple, Cereal, Laksa Sauce


Coclail paiiing +$11*

Chef’s Ribeye Rendang (250g)

De-Constructed Binchotan Grilled Beef cut with Rendang Margination, Coconut, Shallots


Coclail paiiing +$11*


Passion de Amor

Tequila, Lime Juice, Passionfruit Syrup,
Chopped Chili / jalaperio, Egg White


Motherly Love

Jim Beam, Lemon Juice, Maple
Syrup, House Red, Egg white


* entitles 1 cocktail pairing per dish



All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars and are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing govemment taxes (GST).