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Rooftop 88

Wine & Cheese Affair, Rooftop 88

Promotion Details
– A bottle of wine with a selection of 3 cheeses at $98++.
– Upgrade your experience with a bottle of wine and a selection of 5 cheeses at $108++.

Wine Selection
Our handpicked wines include:
– Lamole di Lamole Duelame Chianti Classico 2020: A vibratn Tuscan wine with notes of violet, cherry, and a balsamic-infused finish.
– Chateau Barryerres 2018: A French cru bourgeois that balances ripe fruit flavours with a delicate oak inlfuence.
– Kaiken Estate Malbec 2020: An Argentinian Malbec known for its dark violet hue and rich blend of flavours with a lingering aftertaste.

Cheese Selection:
Complement your wine with our curated cheese:
– Boer’sm Trots Honey Truffle & Garlic Gouda: A pasteurized cow’s milk cheese that pairs wonderfully with medium-bodied wines.
– Comte Aged 6/18/30 months: A French Classic that intensifies with age, ideal for meium to full bodied red wines.
– Manchego Curado: A Sheep’s milk cheese, aged for a unique nutty flavor.
– Shropshire Blue: A pasteurized cow’s milk cheese with distinct tangy flavor.
– Vacherousse d’Argental: A smooth double cream brie, perfect with light-bodied wines.

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